How to Test Disc Speed?

Answer The speed of the hard drive and optical drive on your computer is a factor in how long it takes your computer to transfer files. Drives that run slower than usual may need to be cleaned or defragme... Read More »

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Is the access speed of blue-ray disc is acceptable?

How to Test USB Speed?

If you want to check the speed of your USB ports, you will have to connect a USB device such as a jump drive or external hard drive. After a device is connected, you can use the freeware program US... Read More »

How to Test the DNS Resolution Speed?

The DNS resolution speed can be tested to determine the response time when accessing a web page or specific website. This is possible by running the "nslookup" command at a DOS prompt in the Window... Read More »

ATT dsl Internet speed test?

It is REALLY BAD. I have comcast... nothing special here and I 27.6 mb/s (50x better)upload 5.34 mb/s (25x better)ping 12 ms (3.5 better)