How to Test Disc Speed?

Answer The speed of the hard drive and optical drive on your computer is a factor in how long it takes your computer to transfer files. Drives that run slower than usual may need to be cleaned or defragme... Read More »

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Is the access speed of blue-ray disc is acceptable?

How to Test USB Speed?

If you want to check the speed of your USB ports, you will have to connect a USB device such as a jump drive or external hard drive. After a device is connected, you can use the freeware program US... Read More »

Is ADSL a speed test?

ADSL is not a speed test; it is a type of broadband Internet connection. Unlike typical DSL connections, an ADSL (asymmetrical digital subscriber line) connection uploads and downloads data at dif... Read More »

How to Test Shorthand Speed?

Writing shorthand to record quotes or an interview remains a key skill for secretaries, administrative staff and journalists even in this digital age. From taking verbatim notes in business meeting... Read More »