How to Test Car Engine Pistons?

Answer A compression test can reveal what's happening inside a car engine without tearing it apart. The cylinder walls, valves, seals, pistons and rings all create a tight seal, allowing energy to push th... Read More »

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How to Remove Engine Pistons?

Overhauling an engine is a rewarding, fun, intensive, and difficult task, all rolled into one. Hundreds or even thousands of individual parts must work in harmony for smooth engine operation. When ... Read More »

History of Car Engine Pistons?

Piston development is an interesting sort of thing in engine history, primarily because it's less a history of "development" than it is of utilization. Most piston materials, production methods and... Read More »

How to Clean Engine Pistons?

Carbon build-up on the top of pistons is a magnet for more carbon build-up. A substantial amount of carbon build-up can eventually break off and enter the cylinder heads permanently damaging the en... Read More »

How to Test Engine Oil?

The oil in your vehicle's engine lubricates all the many pieces of the engine, helping your car run smoothly and efficiently. Consumer Reports recommends testing your vehicle's oil at every other g... Read More »