How to Test Automotive Wax?

Answer The two main reasons for applying automotive wax to a vehicle are to protect the vehicle finish and to bring out the paint's shine. The most important characteristics of automotive wax performance ... Read More »

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How to Test an Automotive Relay?

Automotive relays are used to control any accessory that draws more than 30 amps of current, including power windows, lights, fog lights, air conditioner, fog horns, heated windows and many other a... Read More »

How to Test for a Bad Cell in 12V Automotive Battery?

All batteries have a predetermined life. The harsher the climate or environment, the shorter the life of a battery. Most automotive batteries must remain fully charged to extend the life of the bat... Read More »

How to Connect an Automotive Analog Dwell Meter to Test?

You use a Dwell meters, analog or digital, with older styled ignition systems, the ones that used a distributor with contact points. Cars and trucks manufactured until the mid 1970s use point-style... Read More »

I had DNA PCR test 18 days after the exposure and found it negative. Should i go for further test?

vighu - YES is the Answer, if you are concerned about an HIV infection. Your recent negative result demonstrates that you did not have the HIV infection prior to your recent exposure. However you... Read More »