How to Test ABS Brakes?

Answer Vehicle anti-lock braking systems (ABS) provide safe handling of your car during times when you lose control, such as sliding or skidding. ABS sensors are installed on each brake. The sensors monit... Read More »

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How to Test Air Brakes?

If air makes its way into your brake line, your brakes could lose their effectiveness and become hazardous. The best way to keep your vehicle safe and avoid an accident is to test the air brake sys... Read More »

How to Test Trailer Air Brakes for Leaks?

Air brake systems for tractor-trailer combinations have parts to control the trailer brakes. If the system leaks at any point, the brakes could fail. As part of your pre-trip inspection, check that... Read More »

How to Test Electric Trailer Brakes?

The heart of a trailer's electrical brake system is the controller, which feeds current into the system and through the electromagnets in the brakes. Once energized, these magnets attach to the bra... Read More »

How to Test a Motorhome's Hydraulic Brakes for a Master Cylinder Leak?

The master cylinder of a vehicle is a hydraulic pump used to activate the brakes. Drum brakes use wheel cylinders and disc brakes use caliper pistons pressurized by the master cylinder to apply the... Read More »