How to Test ABS Brake Sensors?

Answer Anti-locking brake system (ABS) speed sensors have the purpose of informing your vehicle's computer of the rate at which the vehicle's wheels are moving. The vehicle computer, which is also called ... Read More »

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How to Test Anti-Lock Brake Sensors?

Anti-locking brake sensors provide information to the vehicle's computer system. They detect the speed of the wheels, allowing the computer to send a signal to the ABS to begin pressing the brakes ... Read More »

How to Test O2 Sensors?

Oxygen sensors are an integral part of the engine of today's cars. Not only do oxygen sensors help with gas mileage and the overall performance of the car, but they also decrease pollution and cons... Read More »

How to Test Engine Sensors?

Car engines are being controlled more and more by electronics. The mechanical governor of the past has been replaced by the electronic control module and sensors. These components work together to ... Read More »

How to Test Oxygen Sensors?

The oxygen sensor is mounted in the exhaust pipe just forward of the catalytic converter. This sensor monitors the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. The sensor sends a voltage signal to the vehicle'... Read More »