How to Terminate the Current Application in Visual Basic 6.0?

Answer When used with an additional keyword, the Visual Basic End statement terminates the definition of that keyword's block or procedure. When used alone, the End statement forces an application to term... Read More »

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Visual Basic 6.0: How to Terminate a Program in Code?

Visual Basic is definitely not one of the oldest programming languages, but as the name implies, the syntax and structure lends itself to quick and powerful tasks. Like a virtual puzzle, you have t... Read More »

What is the Visual Basic application?

Visual Basic is a development tool published by Microsoft to allow programmers to more easily develop applications for its Windows line of computer operating systems. It is part of the Visual Studi... Read More »

How to Get Strikethrough Formatting in Visual Basic for Application?

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a programming language used specifically for Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. VBA allows you to tailor your programs to fit your... Read More »

How to Open a Windows Application Using Visual Basic?

At some point you might find it beneficial to run a Windows application under Visual Basic. For instance, you may need to open and work with another application while a Visual Basic application exe... Read More »