How to Terminate a Partnership Agreement?

Answer Not all business partnerships work out the way the principals thought they would when the partnership was first formed. As such, there needs to be a way to dissolve a formal partnership so that th... Read More »

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What is a partnership agreement?

According to, a partnership requires a minimum of two owners, but no more than 20, that take part in running a business. Failure to create a written partnership agreement may leave yo... Read More »

How to Write a Partnership Agreement?

When you start a small business partnership, you should take time to write a partnership agreement. Outlining the details of the partnership can prevent future disagreements or lawsuits. The agreem... Read More »

The Definition of a Partnership Agreement?

What happens when a partner in a business dies? Where does her investment in the business go? What happens if one partner wants to leave? Business partners do not always agree, so they sign an agre... Read More »

How to Terminate a Lease Agreement in Maine?

Conflicts amongst tenants, noise complaints and late rents are among the most common issues rental property owners have to resolve, but occasionally a tenant's behavior becomes excessive and intole... Read More »