How to Tenderize Cooked Beef?

Answer If you have cooked some beef but feel as though the texture is too tough, there is a simple method you can use to tenderize the beef and give it extra flavor. Simmering is a process that will slowl... Read More »

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How to Tenderize Beef?

Some cuts of beef can be very tough, especially if you prefer your meat well done. You don't have to suffer through unwanted jaw exercise routines, though. Here are a couple tips on how to tenderiz... Read More »

How do I tenderize a corned beef eye round?

MarinateChoose your desired marinade. Marinating a corned beef eye round can help break down muscle fiber. Pick acidic ingredients, such as pineapple juice, lemon or orange juice, or select a store... Read More »

How is braised beef cooked?

Braised beef is cooked in a round cooking vessel at a relatively low temperature for a long period of time. Braising is a way of making inexpensive or tough cuts of beef tender and moist.Definition... Read More »

How do i prepare cooked corned beef?

Prepare for CookingPlace a steamer basket into a stockpot and fill the pot with water until the level reaches the bottom of the steamer basket. Turn the heat on under the pot and cover it with a li... Read More »