How to Temporarily Fix a Flat Tire?

Answer Most drivers will encounter a flat tire at least once during their lifetime. Swapping the flat tire out for the spare tire is one option; however, you can just as easily temporarily repair your fla... Read More »

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How to Fix a Flat Tire Using a Tire Repair Kit?

A nail will puncture any type of tire. The rubber poses little barrier for a nail or screw. You typically will only notice a nail or screw in your tire when it goes flat. You should visually inspec... Read More »

How to Fix a Flat Car Tire With Fix a Flat?

Nothing is worse than having a flat tire, except having it happen in the snow or rain and at night. What miserable conditions to have to jack the car up and change the tire. Not only is it dangerou... Read More »

DIY Flat Tire Fix?

Stranded drivers face more than a stressful inconvenience, depending on when and where a flat tire occurs. Planning ahead for road-traveling mishaps can help you get back behind the wheel with mini... Read More »

How to Fix a Flat Tire?

Most drivers face a flat at least a few times in their lives. Although it can be daunting the first time you attempt it, changing a flat tire is not difficult. Almost anyone can do it in under 15 m... Read More »