How to Tell the Ground From the Hot Wire on an AC to DC Battery Charger?

Answer An AC to DC battery charger is an ideal recharging situation due to the constant supply of power from the AC side providing energy to revitalize a battery. Typical AC battery chargers plug into a w... Read More »

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How to Wire an EverStart Dual Rate Manual Battery Charger?

EverStart manufactures a large selection of car, marine and deep-cycle batteries, all complemented by their range of dual rate battery chargers. Using an EverStart dual rate battery charger means y... Read More »

How can you ground a porcelain light fixture with no ground screw and not mounted in a metal box or do you even have to if not what do you do with ground wire?

Answer Porcelain "keyless" fixtures do not have any designated ground screw, so, assuming there's a supply point "box" already in the ceiling or wall where the light is to be fixed, if there's more... Read More »

How to Remove Rust From a Battery Charger?

Most people have a few battery chargers. The chargers are for cell phones, cordless phones, power tools, small household appliances and any number of other things. The rust occurs if the coating on... Read More »

How to Make a 12v Nimh Battery Charger from an Atx Power Supply?

Unfortunately, a computer PSU (power supply unit) can not easily be converted to a battery charger by simply adding clips to the output and connecting to battery terminals. Doing so may cause burns... Read More »