How to Tell the Difference Between a Real and Fake Louis Vuitton Bag?

Answer A Louis Vuitton bag is a guaranteed attention-getter, but not all of it is positive. The bags have long been the target of counterfeiters who whip up a mock bag and try to sell it at what appears t... Read More »

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How do you know the difference between a fake and real Louis Vuitton bag?

You are not going to get a worthwhile answer here. Everyone who is giving advice here has probably heard from one person who told another and that one told someone else. There are some general rule... Read More »

How can you tell the difference in a real louis vuitton bag and a fake one?

It has a serial number inside and the lv is upside down on one side and you can tell the difference in quality. Louis Vuitton does not sell bags anywhere but in the LV shops! All bags bought on the... Read More »

How can you tell the difference between a real louis vuitton and a fake?

Real: Ultra High Quality, awesome craftmanship, one-of-a-kind, has a quality LV tag on the inside, from a certified retailer, ultra high price (even on sale). Fake: Cheap, falls apart, has a mispel... Read More »

Difference between real and fake louis vuitton purse?

the real ones have a number inside of them. this number is located on a piece of brownish leather on the inside and sometimes on the outside of the purse. this is the serial number. this is the onl... Read More »