How to Tell the Date Code in a Dana 35?

Answer The Dana 35 TTB (Twin Traction Beam) of Ford Rangers started to show up in 1983. Consumers must establish the release date of the Service part number if they need to replace the Dana 35. All Ford R... Read More »

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How to Tell the Date of a Dana 35 Rear?

The Dana Corporation has been producing automotive driveline parts since 1904. Dana 35s are used in a variety of passenger vehicles and Jeeps. The Dana 35 rear axle has a 10-bolt pattern on an oval... Read More »

How old are my tires I can't tell by my date code?

3 digit date code would be made in 1st week of February 1997 The tire are 16 years old and SHOULD be replaced NOW!

I have a citizens band transceiver by ge with a date code of 2648 can someone tell me when that was ?

I'm not sure, but I would guess that it is 26th day of April (4th month) of 1988, but it might be 1978. This would be one common dating code used by several mfgr's. Another one is just the week ... Read More »

How Do I Tell Which Dana Steering Axle Is in My GMC Truck?

Dana steering axles are manufactured by Spicer, which is the axle division of the Dana Corporation. Axle designations are identified as Dana/Spicer, or just Spicer. GM trucks have used different Sp... Read More »