How to Tell if an Auto Battery Cable Needs to be Replaced?

Answer Auto battery cables last many years before they need replacing: sometimes they will last your car's lifetime. They are very robust and are made from a number of copper strands that vary in diameter... Read More »

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Thermostat read low battery, replaced battery and ac will not comeback on.?

I just wish I was living where you are, needing AC!!Make sure batteries are charged. Where is the manual.

When Does an Auto Transmission Need to Be Replaced?

Automatic transmissions have a good deal of mystery surrounding them. The automatic transmission in your vehicle is the second most expensive single component to replace. Proper care can keep you f... Read More »

I Replaced the Battery and My BMW X5 Won't Start?

The BMW X5 was first introduced in 1999 and was the company's first sports activity vehicle (SAV) and has all-wheel drive capability. If you replaced the battery, you expect your BMW X5 to start. I... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Replaced Battery & Car Won't Turn Over?

You replace your battery but your engine won't crank. It either makes no sound at all or it makes a high-pitched cranking sound that differs from the norm. When it makes no sound at all, your start... Read More »