How to Tell if a Car Rim Is Bent?

Answer Your car can make many sounds when you're driving down a road. Mechanics often will tell you that a constant thumping sound means a dented rim is probable. Wobbling or shaking in the tires can also... Read More »

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How Can I Tell If My Motorcycle Forks Are Bent?

Motorcycle forks are the two bars that connect the front wheel and axle to the bike's frame. Over time and after accidents, the forks can become bent. A bent fork is dangerous as it can become weak... Read More »

How to Fix a Bent Key?

A bent key is a problem with a very simple solution: Straighten the key. Although the task of straightening a key may appear simple, keys can break rather easily---especially after the metal has be... Read More »

How to Fix a Bent BMX Rim?

BMX bikes are used in sports from riding to performing a variety of tricks. Due to the constant use and pressure placed on the bikes, the product will take on damage in different forms. Riding in r... Read More »

How to Fix Bent Rims?

Nothing is worse than curbing your stupendous new 20-inch rims. A little too much English on the wheel and there goes the rim. While some people have no problem curbing their rims, you are a perfec... Read More »