How to Tell if Your Car Needs an Oil Change?

Answer If you've forgotten to track the mileage or time since your last oil change, or you've purchased or been given a used car, it is helpful to know how to check the oil to determine if your car needs ... Read More »

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How to Tell If Your Car Needs a Tune Up?

Tuneups on late-model vehicles are limited to ignition, intake plenum and cleaning of the fuel injectors. Sparkplug fouling is a thing of the past, which can only occur if there is a mechanical fai... Read More »

How to Tell If Your A/C Compressor Needs to Be Replaced?

Most automotive A/C compressors will give clear indicators of imminent failure or problems with lubricant levels through a series of sounds and mechanical issues. Determining the cause of the A/C c... Read More »

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How to Tell if Your School Needs Improvements?

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