How to Tell if Plant Cells Are Eukaryotic Under a Microscope?

Answer A eukaryotic cell is a cell that has its DNA contained in a nucleus, as well as having relatively complex organelles. This is in contrast to a prokaryotic cell, which is a relatively simple cell th... Read More »

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Are plant cells prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Plant cells are eukaryotic, possessing membrane-bound organelles such as a nucleus and mitochondria and DNA organized into linear chromosomes. Other eukaryotic cells include cells of animals, fungi... Read More »

Does cellular respiration occur in all eukaryotic cells?

Cellular respiration occurs in all living things, including eukaryotes (organisms that have cells with a clearly defined, membrane-bound nucleus) and prokaryotes (organisms that lack a nucleus). Ce... Read More »

Where does cellular respiration take place in eukaryotic cells?

In eukaryotic cells, the first step of cellular respiration, glycolysis (the breakdown of glucose), occurs in the cell's cytosol, the cytoplasm found outside of the nucleus. The second step, the br... Read More »

What structure replaces the cell wall in eukaryotic cells?

Plants, protozoans, algae, fungi and animals are eukaryotic cells. Although some eukaryotic cells have a cell wall, animal cells do not. They have a plasma membrane that surrounds the cell. Instead... Read More »