How to Tell if Dominoes Are Ivory?

Answer According to, dominoes were invented in China in the 1000s by Keung Tai Kung. As explorers, like Marco Polo, visited the East, they brought back many inventions and customs found there. A... Read More »

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How many dominoes are in a set?

A standard set of dominoes consists of 28 tiles. There are seven doubles tiles and 21 single tiles. This is a double-six set and includes blanks (dominoes with no pips). There are also double-nine,... Read More »

How many dominoes come in a set?

The most common domino set will come with 28 unique tiles. Each 2-inch-long tile will have a number printed on each side, with seven of the tiles having a blank space on one side. Several larger do... Read More »

How many dominoes are in a standard set?

Twenty-eight tiles are included in a standard set of dominoes, according to Masters Games Ltd.'s instructional webpage, Rules for Dominoes. The standard set of 28 is also referred to as a "double-s... Read More »

Dominoes Instructions?

Think of the standard domino as a flat, one-sided dice. On its "game" side, the domino is split into halves. The halves will show anything from a blank space to six dots. The basic goal is to match... Read More »