How to Tell if Airbags Work in Used Cars?

Answer Everything in a used car needs to be in working condition, just as they are in new cars. Air bags are safety devices that protect the a vehicle's occupants in the event of an accident. During a col... Read More »

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When were airbags first used in cars?

Airbags were first used in cars in 1973 when GM started putting airbags in the Oldsmobile Tornado. Airbags were invented in 1953 by John W. Hetrick. Ford and GM started to develop airbags in the la... Read More »

Are airbags in cars good or bad?

On One Hand: Air Bags Save LivesAir bags are inflating cushions that redistribute forces in a car crash, protecting drivers and passengers. Without air bags, the force from a collision can cause pe... Read More »

What cars are being recalled due to faulty airbags?

if you are registered as owner, mazda will write you if your car affected.For hondas (my car) there's a website where you enter your cars vin (chassis no.) and it tells you if your car affected.Try... Read More »

Are airbags required in cars in Texas?

Since 1999, the U.S. government has required all new cars to be built with front airbags. Texas has no special regulations related to airbags. Cars built before the 1999 model year do not need airb... Read More »