How to Tell a Gymnosperm Seed From an Angiosperm?

Answer "Gymnosperm" and "angiosperm" are the names of two major taxonomic classes of plants. As both types produce seeds, the meanings of the words provide clues about the differences. Angiosperm means "f... Read More »

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Is the lemon plant a gymnosperm or angiosperm?

A lemon plant is an angiosperm, which is a flowering plant that produces seeds protected by ovules, hence the name "enclosed seed." Gymnosperms, or "naked seed," do not enclose their seeds in an ov... Read More »

Is a Birch Tree an Angiosperm or Gymnosperm?

Birch trees (Betula sp.) are recognizable for their interesting bark, autumn color, and graceful forms. Less noticeable are their clusters of flowers that, when pollinated, produce tiny winged seed... Read More »

Amaryllis have seed pods...when and how do i harvest them how hard are they to grow from seed?

It seems easy enough... but the seeds need to be planted soon after the capsule matures and opens. If you delay, the seeds may die. As the flower fades, the pod at the base of the flower will swel... Read More »

How to Tell if It Is a Stem on a Germinated Seed?

Inside of a seed is an embryo, a tiny dormant plant ready to grow. Providing a seed with water, and sometimes, warmer temperatures and sunlight, is usually all that is needed to germinate a seed. G... Read More »