How to Tell a Guy That You Hate Him?

Answer When someone hurts your feelings, the immediate response is often to lash out in anger. This is especially true when you have romantic feelings for a guy. When you feel cheated or used, the pain ca... Read More »

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I hate devices that have good battery life and I really hate it when things just work. Is Bluetooth for me?

nope. I hate bluetooth. I hate the drivers that drive and talk. Just cause its hands free doesn't mean that you are paying attention. BLUETOOTH is not a good thing. Its a status symbol and a way to... Read More »

How to Tell if You Hate Your Job?

Most of us spend at least one-third of our lives working, and every employee can testify to the daily stresses of the workplace. When those work stresses become overwhelming, employees begin to rea... Read More »

How to Tell a Parent You Hate Them?

Firstly, do not tell the other parent you hate the first one. This will cause an argument.

Guys: what are some fashions that you hate that girls wear?

My guy friend sent me an email. I'll paste it:"Shannon, seriously, girls are becoming ridiculous. My sister went to the beach with her friends and wore JEANS. WHo wears JEANS to the beach?! And the... Read More »