How to Tell a CAT3 From CAT5 by Looking at the Wire?

Answer CAT3 and CAT5 wire are types of unshielded twisted pair wiring. Both types have 4 pairs of twisted wires that rely on the twisting to prevent noise. Category 3 wire is not used as much today but is... Read More »

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What is the major difference between patch cables&the installed cat3 or cat5 cables?

Patch cables are designed for flexibility and are composed of stranded copper conductors. CAT-3 and CAT-5 are typically solid cables, which are designed for use in longer runs through walls and cei... Read More »

What is Cat5 wire used for?

Cat5 cables are used for connecting a cable or DSL modem to a computer. They are also used for networking computers through a server. The maximum speed of a Cat5 cable is 1 gigabyte per second.Refe... Read More »

How to Wire a Cat5 Female Connector?

Cat5 cabling allows multiple computers and computer users to be connected to a shared network with access to the intranet. Cat5 connectivity requires that a male RJ-45 Ethernet cable be plugged int... Read More »

How long is a Cat5 wire from a router good for?

The Cat5 cable connected to your router should be no longer than 100 m or 328 feet. The signal begins to degrade at distances over 100 m, and it may cause errors.References:Home Network Help: Conne... Read More »