How to Tell Your Boyfriend That He's Not Romantic?

Answer If your boyfriend is not showing you the level of romance you'd like to see in the relationship, there are ways you can help him evolve. The first and foremost is communication. If he doesn't know ... Read More »

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How to Tell Your Best Friend's Boyfriend That You Don't Love Him in That Way?

Best friends' boyfriends... They can be described in many ways. They're annoying, make you jealous, can be your best friends at times, but then, let's face it: they're also really, really fun to fl... Read More »

If you are 15 years old what's the best way to tell your single parent that you are pregnant in a way that won't make them consider taking your 18-year-old boyfriend and father of the child to court?

Answer The mother would have every right to take the man to court, he is of legal age and you are a minor. However, you can sit down and have a talk about your situation and beg her to not press ch... Read More »

You are 16 how do you tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant?

well if its by him you should just straight up tell him but if not them you have some problems

How to Tell Your Boyfriend That You're Using Him?

Are you secretly using your boyfriend, even if you know he loves you and it would break his heart to know you're only using him? Read this article to find out how to tell your boyfriend that you're... Read More »