How to Tell Your Boss to Stop CCing Your Emails?

Answer Ever have an annoying boss that CC's your E-Mails? Has he/she ever sent out the wrong one? Well, here's how to drop the hints lightly!

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How do you stop a firm sending you Emails showing their products, when you have requested them to stop.?

You can either use the unsubscribe feature on each commercial website or you can designate that email as Spam and it will go to your Bulk Mail folder. Then once a week or so, you can purge it.

How do you stop getting emails from the app store?

You go to the settings icon and click on notifications a switch will appear you flip that switch so that it says no

How to Stop Bouncing Emails?

A bounced email occurs when an email gets returned to a sender due to either a technical error or an invalid sending address. Bounced emails are fairly common with mass emails or newsletters since ... Read More »

How do I stop junk emails?

What You Should DoMark the junk, or "spam" email, in your inbox as spam. Your Internet service provider should have a procedure that allows you to do this. If you use Yahoo!, for instance, check th... Read More »