How to Tell You Have Oil in Your Cooling System?

Answer Oil should never be present in a car's cooling system. It is a symptom of a serious problem, such as a leaking head gasket, that is potentially costly and time-consuming to repair and even more haz... Read More »

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How to Burp Your Car's Cooling System?

"Burping" the cooling system allows trapped pockets of air to escape: Air pockets can cause overheating because there will not be enough coolant in the cooling system, even if the radiator and cool... Read More »

How to Flush Your Engine Cooling System?

Flush out your engine's coolant system each season to keep your vehicle running smoothly. It will also guarantee maximum protection for your engine from the anti-freeze. If you don't want to bring ... Read More »

How to Maintain Your Own Car's Cooling System?

The cooling system of most new car models are composed of the radiator and its fan, the water pump, thermostat and sensors, as well as the fluids. These components work as a team to reduce and main... Read More »

How to Test if Your Engine Cooling System Is Working?

Checking if your engine coolant system works properly is one of those essential maintenance items for getting the longest life out of your car's engine. Here are some simple things you can do to ma... Read More »