How to Tell Which Size Drum Brakes for a '99 Dakota?

Answer The 1999 Dodge Dakota comes with either nine-inch rear drums or 10-inch rear drums. There are five different varieties of 1999 Dakotas. Two of them offer four-wheel drive, while the other three fea... Read More »

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What size Allen wrench is used on a Dodge Dakota's brakes?

To find the correct Allen wrench for a Dodge Dakota's brakes, you need to measure the Hex socket bolt from one flat side to the opposite flat side. For most Dodge brake set-ups, you need a 7mm Alle... Read More »

How to Convert Drum Brakes on a 1964 VW to Disk Brakes?

While the drum brakes on your 1964 VW may work just fine, they also have many disadvantages, which can include overheating due to excess friction, as well as distortion of the drum itself due to to... Read More »

How to Replace Rear Drum Brakes With Disc Brakes?

Most all of the newer make and model vehicles come with front and rear disc brakes, but there are some vehicles that do come equipped with drum brakes. The drum brakes can be converted to disc brak... Read More »

How to Replace the Drum Brakes With Disk Brakes?

People convert their vehicle's drum brakes to disc brakes because of the advantages that disc brakes have compared to drum brakes. Disc brakes dissipate heat better, perform better in wet weather,... Read More »