How to Tell Where a Memory Error Is in My Computer?

Answer Your computer may freeze up after you click a button, or black areas may appear where images should be displayed. The computer may also return low memory or out-of-memory messages, or run slower th... Read More »

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Where on my computer will it tell me how much memory i hve left ?

Go to My Computer Right click Local disk C: and go to Properties. In Blue it will show how much spaced you used, and in Purple it will show you how much space you have left. And underneath it it wi... Read More »

What can I do to fix this error message in my computer : "Windows Virtual Memory Too Low"?

You probably have 2 problems: 1. too many applications are asking for memory/RAM and your current RAM is too small to accommodate the requests so it creates "virtual memory" which is just space all... Read More »

How do I Tell What Kind of Memory Is in My Computer?

The memory in your computer stores all the components of every program you run. When your memory fills up, you have trouble opening more programs without compromising the computer's speed. To solve... Read More »

I see a error message telling that" you need to format ".this happens for a 8gb memory card,where i filled 6.8?

dont format just plug ur pendrive and open my computer. There just below the titlebar there is a dropdown click that and select ur pendrive... If it opens click mine as best answer.