How to Tell When the Mobile Phone You're Calling Is Off?

Answer Calling a mobile phone number repeatedly and not getting an answer can be frustrating. When this happens, you might wonder whether the person you are calling is receiving your call and not botherin... Read More »

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Mobile phone calling itself?

I tried to replicate this but the nearest I could get was calling my own answer machine. Technically it isn't possible for your mobile to ring itself and so I can only assume that your mobile has b... Read More »

How do i block a number from calling my mobile phone Please help.?

What network are you on? You cannot block a number if like me you are with O2. I changed my number last week & it was FOC. O2 did this within two hours.

I have a t-mobile do i block a number from calling me that persistently calls everyday regardless?

T-Mobile has a free call blocking feature. Just call them at 1-800-937-8997 and get customer serivce... Give them the number - unless it is blocked by the sender - and they can drop the caller...... Read More »

What is unlimited mobile to mobile calling?

Unlimited mobile calling allows someone to make continuous calls without a limit for a specified fee to a cellular phone carrier. Many cellular phone carriers offer this feature to contract users.U... Read More »