How to Tell When Your Front Struts Need Changing?

Answer Struts are the most important part of an automotive suspension systems for several reasons. They are instrumental in providing a comfortable ride, maintaining good handling and taking on much of th... Read More »

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How to Tell That Your Front Struts Need Changing on a Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic is a popular car thanks to its reliability, build quality and frugal gas consumption. Most Civics also happen to be fun cars to drive. The front struts on a Civic are critical to it... Read More »

How to Tell When Front Struts Need to Be Replaced?

There are three relatively simple tests to perform on your vehicle to help you determine if the front struts should be replaced. Another consideration before performing the tests is the age of the... Read More »

How to Know When Your Brake Pads Need Changing?

Brake pads are one of the most important parts of a vehicle's braking system. Brake pads are attached to either side of the rotor on the wheels of a vehicle. The heat and friction generated by the ... Read More »

How to Tell if Your Car's Struts Are Worn Out?

When you are driving on a rough dirt road in the country, you can expect to get a jolting ride. But when ordinary roads and highways cause your car to deliver a harsh, bumpy or shaky ride, that may... Read More »