How to Tell When You Have New Hair Growth?

Answer Each of your hairs has its own very short life span. As long as you aren't going bald, a new hair will take the place of an older hair that has fallen out. Your hair grows approximately 1.25 centim... Read More »

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Which hair oil is better for hair growth Dr miracle growth oil, wild growth hair oil or doo growth hair oil?

From experience, wild growth oil worked the best for me along with me taking care of my hair. That's good that you're taking vitamins as well. I used to take biotin but now I'm taking Hairfinity pi... Read More »

What can you tell me about the reasons for all-over new hair growth?

I am always curious about the active chemistries of medications generally, such as that found in contraceptives and just what is it in your instance that would block hair growth before and now caus... Read More »

Anyone have any tips for hair growth?

Well before you start to grow your hair out, make sure you trim off all your split ends! I've read all of these work, and I am trying these out myself. :) 1. Flip your head upside down to reverse t... Read More »

When does new hair growth start after a transplant?

Tremendous hair growth is typically seen within several months of having the procedure. But often more than one procedure is necessary to show the best results. Any replaced hair growth is generall... Read More »