How to Tell When Someone Is Cheating on You?

Answer According to Infidelity Facts, 57 percent of men have admitted to cheating during a relationship, and 54 percent of women have admitted to infidelity. A cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend can... Read More »

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How to Tell When He's Cheating?

According to the website Divorce and Women, about 60 percent of married men commit adultery. If you have a gut feeling that something isn't right in your relationship, you may be right. When lookin... Read More »

How to Know when to Tell Someone You Like Them?

This is an article on knowing when to tell someone that you like them.

Can You Tell A When Someone Is Wearing Colored Contacts?

I can tell. Maybe its because I'm an Optician with many, many years experience, but I can spot colored contacts a mile away. I think even if I weren't an Optician, I'd still spot them, because th... Read More »

How to Get Someone to Forgive You for Cheating on Them?

Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal in a marriage, and it can often lead to the destruction of that relationship. The adulterer often experiences feelings of guilt and regret after cheating on his ... Read More »