How to Tell What My Radiator Coolant Capacity Is?

Answer Knowing what your radiator coolant capacity is can mean the difference between keeping your engine at a safe operating temperature and overheating. Having information on your coolant capacity also... Read More »

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What Could Happen if the Radiator Coolant is Low?

An automobile radiator cools the car's engine by circulating coolant. When there is a leak in the system, the coolant can drop to a low level, causing the engine to overheat and potentially causing... Read More »

How to Add Coolant to a Radiator?

Engine coolant is stored inside the radiator and a small overflow container outside of the radiator. When the radiator is full of coolant and hot, this overflow will hold some of the coolant when t... Read More »

How to Replace Radiator Coolant?

The cooling system in your car plays a vital role in making sure that your engine functions properly. The system functions by running engine coolant, also known as antifreeze, through the engine bl... Read More »

How to Add Radiator Coolant to a VW Rabbit?

Knowing how to add radiator coolant to your VW Rabbit can not only save you money in car maintenance fees but also can provide you with the knowledge necessary to keep an overheating engine cool un... Read More »