How to Tell What Direction a Car Engine Turns?

Answer Engine, or crankshaft rotation, is the direction the engine spins: either clockwise or counterclockwise. Most vehicles have the standard rotation, counterclockwise. Only a few vehicles, such as ear... Read More »

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Why Does My New AC Condenser Fan Motor Turns the Opposite Direction Now?

turn it off switch the yellow and orange that will change your rotation1 yellow to 1 orange as long as its a reversable motor

My 430 Buick Engine Turns Over But Won't Start?

The Buick 430 V8 engine was manufactured from 1967 through 1969. It was used in several models of full-size and luxury cars. If your Buick 430 will turn over but not start, there are several common... Read More »

The 1985 Chevrolet S10 2.8 Engine Turns But Won't Crank?

If the engine in your Chevrolet S10 can be turned manually this indicates that it is not locked up internally. This failure to crank can be attributed to either a weak or damaged starting system, o... Read More »

Samsung LCD TV Turns on ok for about an hour, than the screen turns black with Audio!@?

Check the inverter board, if not the CCFL tubes. Bad capacitors may not be obvious.2008 is somewhat old for a TV, so you may consider selling it as is and buying a new TV.