How to Tell That an Alternator Battery Is Going Bad?

Answer When your car's alternator goes bad, you will still be able to drive for quite a while on the charge left in your battery. If your battery is going bad, however, you won't be able to go very far. L... Read More »

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How Do I Recognize Signs That an Alternator Is Going Bad?

The alternator in your vehicle is the only device that is responsible for sustaining your battery. A car's battery is not an unlimited energy source; the battery requires a constant charging source... Read More »

Signs That Your Alternator Is Going Out?

The alternator keeps your car battery juiced and its electrical system flowing smoothly. Unlike the direct-current generators installed prior to the 1960s, belt-driven alternators work by convertin... Read More »

How to Recognize Signs Showing That an Alternator Is Going Bad?

A vehicle's alternator supplies the battery by giving it an electrical charge. This electrical charge is crucial for a vehicle to remain running properly, since without it a number of critical syst... Read More »