How to Tell Someone's Opinion of Yourself or Others?

Answer Some people seem to just be able to read people completely, and tell if the person they are talking to is being genuine. However, it can be extremely annoying if you can't just 'tell' these things,... Read More »

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HELP! I NEED someones advice/opinion!?

That's bloody hilarious but I'm here to help.Cats can carry a disease called toxoplasmosis, which is passed out in their faeces. This can then be passed on to humans who come into contact with the ... Read More »

Im vegan and need someones opinion/help?

Why are you Vegan? Is it an ethical or a health decision? If it's strictly a health decision and you have no moral or ethical issues with the preparation and consumption of meat, then go ahead an... Read More »

Does a cardiologist s opinion have to be taken as gospel if you disagree with his opinion?

Many people with a history of a heart attack will be prescribed blood pressure medicines. This is not necessarily to treat the diagnosis of hypertension (high blood pressure). People that have ha... Read More »

What is a sti in someones eye?

Its an infection in your eye that you can get from not sleeping enough or not cleaning your eyes properly after using makeup. If you or someone you know gets it, go to a doctor, their the best way ... Read More »