How to Tell If it Is Your Battery or Your Starter?

Answer It's not often you need to look under a car's hood: There's a warning light for practically everything and modern cars need little attention. For non-mechanics, the engine compartment can be a conf... Read More »

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Is it the battery or starter if my car will not start?

On One Hand: Signs of a Dead BatteryThere are several signs that the battery may be the problem. The most obvious is the headlights being dim or not lighting at all. If this is the case, a dead bat... Read More »

How to Wire a Battery to a Starter?

The battery must be wired to the starter for the starter to work. The wire must be a thick cable, as the starter uses amperage, not voltage, to start. The typical positive battery cable is 4 gauge.... Read More »

How to Put in a Battery 6.5 in a Remote Car Starter?

Remote car starters have become common features on cars around the world. They are used to start your cars ignition remotely, and can be used almost everyday by most drivers. Because of the frequen... Read More »

Where Does the Battery Cable Go on the Starter?

When changing your starter, the most important connection you can make is from the battery, which provides the power, to the starter itself. There are only two possible connectors, but making the ... Read More »