How to Tell If an Engine Is Rebuilt?

Answer When you shop for a used car, you can evaluate the condition of the brakes and belts on a test drive. But, a test drive won't reveal if a used car has a rebuilt engine. While new rebuilt engines ar... Read More »

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What Is a Rebuilt Engine?

A rebuilt engine is an overhaul which is different than engine service. The wear items of an engine are replaced components are cleaned, inspected and replaced or reconditioned as needed. Understa... Read More »

The Best Way to Break in a Rebuilt Engine?

An engine has many parts that rub against each other and create friction. This causes wear over the long term, but there are maintenance and driving habits you can form that will extend the life of... Read More »

How to Start a Newly Rebuilt Engine?

Although the point at which you start a newly rebuilt engine may be one of the most exiting moments in your project, it is also a critical one. This is when you may find you forgot to tighten a hos... Read More »

How to Tell If My Automobile Has an Original or a Rebuilt Engine?

Automobile engines don't last forever, but a rebuild can easily double or triple its intended lifespan. Cars with rebuilt engines can be a great deal, but they can also be a nightmarish waste of mo... Read More »