How to Tell If an Auto Battery is Bad?

Answer The many electrical components in your vehicle need a steady power source to run, which is supplied by the battery. An auto battery will typically last for several years, but a bad alternator or ot... Read More »

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How to Tell if an Auto Battery Cable Needs to be Replaced?

Auto battery cables last many years before they need replacing: sometimes they will last your car's lifetime. They are very robust and are made from a number of copper strands that vary in diameter... Read More »

How to Wire an Auto Generator to Charge an Auto Battery?

Most automobiles use alternators instead of generators to produce electricity to charge a battery as they are more efficient, require very little maintenance and produce a higher electrical output ... Read More »

Deep Cycle Battery Vs. Auto Battery?

Twelve-volt electrical systems often make use of lead-acid secondary cell batteries. Two types of batteries are typically used for a 12-volt electrical system -- automotive batteries and deep-cycle... Read More »

Auto Battery Maintenance?

Many car owners experience a dead battery at one time or another: you get into your car as you do every morning, but this time the engine barely cranks and the car won't start. In many cases, you c... Read More »