How to Tell If a Wheel Cylinder Is Bad?

Answer The wheel cylinders in your vehicle are an essential part of your drum brakes. Wheel cylinders work by forcing the brake shoes against the drums when you apply the brakes. If your wheel cylinders e... Read More »

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How to Install a Wheel Cylinder?

Drum-brake systems on the front and rear wheels of vehicles were more common prior to the early 1970s, but as disc brakes became more common, drum brakes were relegated to the rear wheels on most v... Read More »

What is a Rear Wheel Cylinder?

Rear wheel cylinders are a critical component of a vehicle's braking system. Although small in size, they perform very critical tasks that enable a vehicle to brake and stop effectively. Understand... Read More »

Components of a Wheel Cylinder?

Wheel cylinders generally come standard on rear drum brakes. Some of the older model cars and trucks have them. The wheel cylinder holds a small reservoir of brake fluid that comes from the master ... Read More »

How to Inspect the Wheel Cylinder?

Brake performance is important for your driving safety. If your brakes grab or fail, it could be because you have a leaking wheel cylinder. This should be corrected immediately. You may also experi... Read More »