How to Tell If a Starter Solenoid Is Bad?

Answer A car's ignition is a system that is made up of several parts. One of the most important parts of that system is known as the solenoid. The solenoid is the point that sits between the battery and i... Read More »

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How to Tell If a Starter Solenoid Is Working?

The key turns in the ignition, and nothing--no starter whirring, no solenoid clicking, no sound whatsoever. Strangely, the interior lights do not momentarily dim as you try to start either. These ... Read More »

How Do I Tell if the Starter Solenoid Is Bad on My Kohler Riding Mower Engine?

The Craftsman Kohler lawn mower uses a traditional starter motor to help electronically start the engine. Just a like a starter in your automobile, the starter in your Kohler-powered lawn mower use... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot to Determine Whether a Starter or Starter Solenoid Is Not Working?

If you turn the ignition key in your automobile and all you hear is a clicking noise or the engine turning over very slowly, the issue could be the starter or the starter solenoid. Both cause issue... Read More »

How Do I Know If a Starter Solenoid or Starter Needs to Replaced?

For do-it-yourself mechanics, a vehicle that won't start is reason to immediately start running down the possible reasons and how they might be diagnosed. A vehicle's engine usually will not start ... Read More »