How to Tell If a Processor is x64 in Windows?

Answer Computer operating systems typically run at either 32 bits or 64 bits. For some applications, it is helpful to know whether the processor is at 64 bits. One such program is Adobe Photoshop, which a... Read More »

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Can i run windows 7 on pentium 4 processor (2.66 ghz) with 1 gb of ram if it is possible tell it to me?

Windows 7 really needs 2 GB of Ram to run properly .Its possible with 1 GB of ram but you would have a lot of problems .

Why windows xp loads faster than windows vista both on PCs with same processor and RAM?

the reason for this is that vista is a newer operating system, and it has more features and is more "power thirsty".if we look back to operating systems running about 15-20 years ago, they are so m... Read More »

How to Tell If the Processor Is Fried?

Checking if your computer's Central Processing Unit (CPU) is really dead -- or fried -- will save you money if you find out later that your computer stopped working because of another damaged compo... Read More »

Can you visually tell if a Processor is fried?

"Fried" implies that it overheated. You can sometimes tell if an integrated circuit overheated since it actually can smell and the plastic casing appears deformed.However, often times an IC can be ... Read More »