How to Tell If a Petri Dish Has Been Contaminated?

Answer Petri dishes are easily contaminated. Keeping dishes in dirty environments or in humid conditions can cause bacteria to grow. Even exposure to air is an opportunity for germs to find a home on the ... Read More »

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Who invented the petri dish?

Julius Petri, who was a lab technician in Robert Koch's laboratory, invented the petri dish in 1877. It is a low, circular dish-shaped glass container with a see-through, removable lid used to grow... Read More »

How to Grid a Petri Dish?

Scientists use petri dishes to grow, or culture, cells and view them through the plastic or glass covers. Some scientists close the petri dishes off to the external environment while others leave t... Read More »

Petri Dish Science Projects?

Students at all levels enjoy learning about science and how to use laboratory equipment. The petri dish, which is a flat glass or plastic dish with a cover, can be utilized numerous ways in science... Read More »

What Are the Functions of a Petri Dish?

Since its invention in the mid-19th century by German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri, the petri dish has been a crucial piece of equipment in microbiology labs around the world. At a basic lev... Read More »