How to Tell If a Navel Piercing Is Healed?

Answer Every piercing, including a navel piercing, needs adequate time for healing. Attempting to remove the original ring from a navel piercing site before the piercing has healed can cause extreme pain ... Read More »

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Nose piercing healed?

Maybe, depends. Antibiotics are always helpful but you never can be too sure. Keep doing the sea salt soaks just incase of anything.

What happens if you stretch your ears before the piercing is healed?

It can blow out an ear, keep them from healing properly, and possibly cause an infection. Also, since you went up so fast you could possibly rip your ear lobe if you go any faster. You NEED to slow... Read More »

Healed tongue ring piercing issue.?

How often do you clean the barbell? Plaque and such will build up where the ball meets the post if you don't clean the barbell. Take out the barbell, take off the balls, clean all of it, put it bac... Read More »

Types of Navel Piercing?

Navel piercings, which are also called bellybutton piercings, are body modifications made by piercing a metal or other object through the navel or around its rim. While all navels can be pierced, t... Read More »