How to Tell If a Dog's Ears Will Stand?

Answer There are many dog breeds where it's desirable to owners for dogs to have ears that stand erect as adult dogs. Often --- especially when they puppy is teething --- the ears may be limp and bend ove... Read More »

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Are Pig's Ears Good for dogs?

On One Hand: Dogs Love Pig's EarsPet owners love to make their dogs happy, and one way they do this is to give them pig's ears as a yummy treat. Dogs love the taste of these treats and get to satis... Read More »

Are pig ears good for dogs to eat?

On One Hand: Pig Ears Can Be UsefulPig ears are popular dog treats. Dogs need to chew on bones or similar items to help keep their teeth clean. Pig ears work well for this. They are also useful in ... Read More »

Are pig ears good for dogs?

On One Hand: Pig Ears are Dangerous and UnhealthyPig ears contain no nutritional value for a dog and are high in fat and full of preservatives. Eating a lot of pig ears can make a dog feel sick or ... Read More »

Why do dogs lay their ears back?

Dogs are social animals that use their body as their primary means of communication. A dog's ears in particular, can portray a vast array of emotions. Watchful owners may learn a lot by observing t... Read More »