How to Tell If a Cell Phone Has Gotten Wet?

Answer Getting wet can be the kiss of death for a cellular phone. Moisture damage is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty, and most carriers will not accept a phone that has gotten wet for repair... Read More »

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How do I fix a cell phone that has gotten wet?

Remove the battery and SIM card (if your phone has one) from your cell phone and set them aside. Do not turn the phone on while it is wet.Spray several quick, short blasts of compressed air around ... Read More »

How can someone tell if a land line phone and/or cell. phone is being tapped?

Nobody is allowed to Tap your phone this applies to landline; cell phones use the airwaves which belong to everybody and may be freely monitored in some places so that is another level of legality ... Read More »

How can I tell if my digital phone and cell phone is tapped?

Tapping a cellphone is difficult as it is a time variant and encrypted signal. Tapping a house phone is much simpler, check the phone junction box outside of your house/apartment (just a warning, i... Read More »

How can i tell if my cell phone is tapped?

Unless you're a convict or something, I don't think you have to worry about your cell phone being tapped. Usually only the government only has the means necessary to do so anyway, so I wouldn't be ... Read More »