How to Tell If a 12 Volt Battery Is Good or Not?

Answer Lead-acid automotive batteries convert chemical reactions into electrical energy using an electrochemical process. Over time, the lead plates in a battery will combine with the sulfuric acid electr... Read More »

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How to Tell If a 12 Volt Battery Is Bad?

Battery problems can lead to a no-start or crank problem. In many of these cases, lack of maintenance is the root of the problem. Failing to fire up your engine could mean your 12-volt battery is b... Read More »

Why is a 6 volt battery bigger than a 9 volt battery?

The fact that 6-volt batteries are so much bigger than 9-volt batteries seems a bit counter-intuitive, but it makes sense when you look at how that electricity is used. It all depends on the applic... Read More »

Can you use a 12-volt battery charger to charge a 6-volt battery?

Yes if you wish to blow yourself up!Actually I found out that if you are using a trickle charger, you can. But thanks anyway.

Can I replace my 3.6 volt NiMH cordless phone battery with a 3.6 volt lithium ion b?

I belive the chargers may not be compatible.. I would stay with your current battery.... NiMh and Lithium Ion are both good batteries with no memory problems..