How to Tell If Your Car Is Out of Alignment?

Answer Correct vehicle alignment requires review of three different factors. Toe is the measurement of the leading edges of the wheels, whether pointed inward or outward. Camber is the measurement of the ... Read More »

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Front End Alignment Vs. 4 Wheel Alignment?

The independent front suspension on all vehicles has adjustable settings to keep the front wheels aligned for optimum handling and minimal tire wear. The ride and handling may be affected negativel... Read More »

How to Set Your Own Auto Alignment?

The front tires of your car are supposed to point exactly in the same direction. If they don't, your car has alignment problems, and you can expect uneven tire wear and shortened tire longevity. If... Read More »

Signs That Your Car Is Out of Alignment?

When your vehicle is "in alignment," it means it travels in a straight line with all tires pointing in the same direction, wearing down evenly. Your car's alignment may suffer after an accident, hi... Read More »

How to Adjust Your Car's Wheel Alignment?

When you're driving along a straight and level road, your car should track straight as well. If it doesn't, your car is out of alignment. Proper alignment prolongs the life of your tires and makes ... Read More »