How to Tell If Your CV Joints Are Bad?

Answer Constant velocity joints, or CV joints, are present on most every car and truck on the road today. They are expected to last at least 150,000 miles, but if they break out of their protective surro... Read More »

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How Can I Tell If Ball Joints Are Worn?

When you drive your car down the road, the wheels and suspension are able to move up, down and side to side due to the ball joints. A vehicle's ball joints connect the steering control arm to the s... Read More »

How to Tell If Ball Joints Have Failed?

Ball joints pivot the steering knuckles that control the arms that steer the wheels of a vehicle. The design is not unlike the ball and socket joints that connect your hips to your legs. The joint ... Read More »

Is it harmful to your body when you make your bones/joints click?

If you mean like popping your knuckles, then, no, it is not detrimental.

How to Know if Your Sacroiliac Joints May Be Causing Your Back Pain?

The sacroiliac joints are the two joints between the sacrum of your spine (very low, fused part) and the pelvis. These two joint permit small gliding movements which allow the upper and lower body ... Read More »