How to Tell If You Have Water in Your Fuel?

Answer Generally a result of condensation, bad gas or a mean prank, water in the fuel mix can negatively impact the performance of your car or boat. Learn the signs that your car or boat gives off when th... Read More »

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Can water be used as a fuel?

Water can be used as fuel only after separating the oxygen and hydrogen components through an electrolysis process, thereby producing hydrogen fuel, which is very expensive. Penn State University i... Read More »

How to Get Water Out of a Fuel System?

If you are trying to start your car and it will crank, but refuses to fire up the engine, then you may have water in your gas tank. This can be bad not only for getting the car started, but it can ... Read More »

How to Remove Water From Fuel?

Fuel that is contaminated with water will often cause the piece of equipment to run incorrectly. It is essential that the water be removed from the fuel for the machinery to function properly, whet... Read More »

What Happens When Water Gets into a Fuel Tank?

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