How to Tell If You Have Fake Money?

Answer The first paper money issued by the U.S. Treasury Department debuted in 1861, as a means of financing the Civil War. Congress soon replaced these original demand notes, or "greenbacks," with "legal... Read More »

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How to Tell if a Money Order Is Fake?

Money order fraud is a crime that has cost businesses millions of dollars. With the power of technology, a criminal can easily duplicate a money order to make it appear real. Businesses that don't ... Read More »

How Can I Tell If I Have a Fake Tissot?

Designer watches are a sign of financial prosperity and are certain to draw envious glances. But those looks of admiration or jealousy can quickly turn into laughter and disdain if your watch is di... Read More »

I have a serious question about , " Ginkgo Biloba" and tell me is this fake?

*** g03 12/22 p. 14 Herbal Remedies—Can They Help You? ***many believe that for an herb to be effective, sufficient amounts must be consumed and in the proper form. At times, the only way to do s... Read More »

Do I have to pay money if I call a helpline And can the he,p line track me and tell my parents?

I can't tell you much about the money aspect, I'm guessing its free since the main ones are government run.And they won't tell your parents because it is STRICTLY confidential, so they shouldn't te... Read More »