How to Tell If Someone Is Stealing Your Wireless Internet Signal?

Answer If you notice your Internet has slowed down significantly and you cannot find any problems with your computer, you may have neighbors accessing your wireless network. Without a security-enabled net... Read More »

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How to Tell If Someone Is Stealing Your Wireless Internet Signal?

When the Internet slows down, many people blame viruses or a faulty wireless connection. If the wireless connection is not protected by a password, however, anyone with a wireless router can pick u... Read More »

How can i find out if someone around my area is stealing my wireless internet signal?

For starters, make sure you password protect your wireless connection with a strong password. Do not use any common passwords (pets name, kids names etc). For the most part, this should prevent any... Read More »

stealing" Wireless Signal?

If its a neighbor's private network or if its intended only for motel guests, I wouldn't use it. If the motel has a totally open wifi network thats intended for public use, I don't see a problem.

My neighbor is stealing my wireless signal?

Attached to your wireless router's administration page. You will need your router's owner's manual if you are not familiar with this process. If you are going to be adding, removing or changing dev... Read More »